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A picture named hope.jpgDonna got the soundbite at my OSCOM keynote today. There's something for everyone, whether you like Bill Gates or Richard Stallman, or neither. Before that I told the story of how XML-RPC came to be, and how Eric Raymond liked it so much. Then I hazarded a guess that if Eric had dinner with Bob Atkinson, one of the co-designers of XML-RPC, that they'd agree on a lot, and probably enjoy each others' company, even though Bob is a senior guy at (you guessed it) Microsoft. Had I chosen a song for the keynote it would have been Give Peace a Chance. And in honor of Bob Hope's 100th birthday we could have played Thanks for the Memories.

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Everybody check this out

Happy stoned Beatles: The Beatles sure look happy and stoned in this picture, don't they?

Sad Beatles:

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Donna Wentworth's coverage of OSCOM

Donna's notes of my keynote at OSCOM. I haven't actually read it yet.

Sad Beatles:

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