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Rothfuss and Everitt on Interop for Open Source

The leaders of OSCOM, Gregor Rothfuss and Paul Everitt, wrote a strongly worded manifesto about interop and open source, wondering if open source developers want interop.

Hey guys the problem isn't just with open source. In commercial-software-land there's better interop with Microsoft than with the smaller competitors. MS, as they enter a market, places a very high value on interop, it's how they transition users away from the competition into their software. After the transition is complete, the trunk is closed and locked from the outside, as they move on to the next conquest.

Now, of course open source projects should be as ruthless on the uptake, support the open formats and protocols, but be nicer on the other side, no lock-in please. I'll preach this religion with you at OSCOM3 later this month.

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