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Why is this site called Sad Beatles Expose?

It's really quite simple. There's a very beautiful but sad picture of the Beatles here for everyone to see. That makes it a Sad Beatles X-Pose. Don't blame me, Wendy made me do that.

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Is decentralization the end of Monoculture?

Picture of the sad Beatles as a demo of pictures for Chris Lydon and others

At the TTI Vanguard conference earlier this week, I was part of a lunch discussion with Len Kleinrock and about a half-dozen other people.

We talked about decentralization and followed where it led: The end of monoculture. Everything points to it. Why? Distribution of culture used to be expensive, decentralization (ie the Internet) has made it virtually free, esp when done on a small scale. This is what I really believe and argued for.

Some of my table-mates didn't believe it, esp a young man who is the grandson of Jack Benny and works at Akamai (or was it Inktomi?). He said that creativity is very rare, and that he personally has none. I said you gotta be kidding. Look at how you're arguing this case so well. Did we need a TV network or a newspaper to broadcast this for us? No way.

I had this epiphany before, in this DaveNet piece written just about a year ago. "Every day we're asked to pay a price to continue the existing centralized system of flowing information and creativity. What if we don't want to pay?"

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