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RFC: Keeping changes.xml pure

Suppose Google were to start using's changes.xml file to seed the indexer. I expect this will mean an onslaught of spammers, and want to try to do something about that, in advance.
I only want changes.xml to have weblogs in it. I want to set up some kind of web app that makes sure that happens.
Any thoughts on how to do that? I have some myself, but first wanted to ask if you guys had ideas. It may just be a call to Technorati to find out. If it's pointed to by other weblogs, it's probably a weblog.
What do you think?

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Testing the BlogShares API

I'm starting to test the XML-RPC interface for BlogShares. At first glance it looked really good, but as I write the code, basic questions are popping up. I'm noting them here and as I get answers, I'll also record them here.

Question #1: Where do I send the messages? What's the domain name of the machine? What port? What path?

Answer: Nowhere. The system isn't live yet. &*@#$^%&. Never mind.

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