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Daniel Abrams wonders about SOAP interop

From Daniel Abrams via email...

I'm writing to try and get some advice.  Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.  We are building a SOAP based application with a Java AXIS server and a .Net windows client.

Interop is badly broken.  Anything but the most basic trivial examples fail, fail very early, and fail in multiple ways.  WSDL can't be parsed, proxies don't work properly, arrays are inexplicably empty, etc.  Extensive googling seems to indicate others have similar problems, no one seems to have a solution.  Do you know anyone who has experience getting .net to talk to Axis?  Can SOAP interop really be this badly broken on such basic issues?

Maybe we should dump SOAP and just XML-RPC?  Any experience on whether the Java XML-RPC server frameworks will talk to a .Net client?  Over SSL?

Daniel Abrams

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