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Travelocity isn't finished haunting me

Reviewing my credit card bill; a charge for $521.49 for "REVERSE ONLINEHOTEL RESERVATION 800-256" on 3/13/04. Called the credit card company, they don't know what it's about, but they had the rest of the 800 number. So I called it, got put on hold. Listening to awful elevator music. Occasionally a recorded message comes on saying all operators are busy. This goes on for 15 minutes.

Why does this seem familliar? Then it strikes me. Travelocity. The "reverse" part means they're supposed to have credited my account (not that much, but why should they get that right). But of course they charged me instead of crediting me. So according to them, I should pay again for the hotel reservation I cancelled? (they quoted a $90 charge). Don't use Travelocity, their computer system is seriously broken.

(Finally gave up on holding, called back the credit card company, and they gave me a list of all the Travelocity charges and credits, and net-net I've lost the amount I wrote off. Their agent listened with a sympathetic ear, and then offered to sell me something to save 20 percent on some kind of purchase. Serves me right. At least they answer the phone the same day you call.)

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