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FAQs about Frontier open source release

What will be released under an open source license?

All the source code you need to build the Frontier application on Windows and Macintosh, the core object database, Frontier.root, and the ancillary databases, but not manila.root or radio.root. Several base technologies in Radio may also be released under an open source license, such as upstreaming and the outline-based preferences manager. Basically what's being released is technology, but not applications.

Why isn't this announcement coming UserLand?

Basically, the separation, from a legal standpoint, has already taken place. Without going into all the detail (it's a private company) UserLand now has a license to use the Frontier technology, but does not own it. UserLand certainly is free to announce this, and probably will, but the technology can move independently of UserLand.

Did a lawyer write this FAQ?

No. This is neither a specification or license agreement. I'm just trying to answer some questions that people are asking.

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