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Shopping for a registrar, hosted DNS

We're transferring several domains my Scripting servers in Mass, and in doing so, we need to find a registration service that may or may not exist.


1. Registrar that handles domain transfers, automatic renewals, new domain registrations.

2. Browser-based interface, seb app runs on their server.

3. Sub-domains where and point to different servers.

4. Manage more than one domain (e.g., and from a single account.

5. Reliable, I'm going to be trusting this service with some very important domains.


The nicest service I've reviewed so far is, it has an easy browser-based interface, but doesn't handle domain transfers. Otherwise it appears to match all the requirements.

Network Solutions appears not to pass test #3. I looked at GoDaddy, and started to set up a membership because their site looked good, well-organized and seemed to offer the services I needed, but after entering all my info, the server barfed. Not very inspiring.

I also looked at DomainDirect, a service offered by TuCows, but it looks like their service doesn't offer most of the features I need, it seems to be centered around a user with one domain.

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What MIME type to use for RSS fees?

A developer writes: "Half of the stuff I'm hearing says I should send RSS 2.0 as text/xml, the other half says application/rss+xml. What's the best practice?"

I'm posting this publicly to ask for comments. (BTW, personal comments will be deleted, as usual.)

There's a tradeoff. Some, but not many, apps care about application/rss+xml. (I don't actually know of any.)
But if you return that MIME type, the browser might not (notably MSIE, the browser that 90+ percent use) display the contents of the file.
A quick check of the feeds I'm subscribed to shows that the majority return text/xml.
Some people say that XML was never intended to be displayed in the browser, maybe so, but not making it displayable makes debugging virutally impossible. The XML parser in MSIE is pretty good at finding stupid mistakes. Less support headaches.
So: use text/xml.

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