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Connecting AIM on XP with iChat on Macintosh

Adam and I are getting an iChat-AIM connection working between Boston and Belgium. It's very close, modulo what we think is a configuration issue on one or both of our machines. Here's the situation:

1. The video from Adam to me is perfect.

2. The audio from Adam to me is perfect.

3. The video from me to Adam is perfect.

4. The audio from me to Adam is very far from perfect. It keeps dropping out. When we're connected it's great. But most of the time he can't hear me. When he can't hear me he can get my typed IM's.

I'm using the correct version of AIM.

What can we do to get it working properly?

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Follow-up on sponsors, speakers, panels and audience

To Marc Canter, I thought you'd find that interesting.
You're damn right about it being too cliquish and right about me not being the kind of person who sits with his hands folded when there's a discussion to be had. How else do we learn if not by testing our ideas with the minds of others.
I really got in trouble at Kevin's conference, the first instance of it, when I asked the Microsoft shill (he clearly paid for his speaking slot as leadoff keynote) "Patents." I waited. He said "What about patents?" To which I said, in Canteresque style "Exactly!"
The place cracked up. Of course he didn't answer the question, which was pretty clear if you have an IQ of over 50. Does all the innovation you're so excited about come with an exclusivity that keeps us in this room from participating? Of course it does. Now why don't you sit down Mr Microsoft so we can figure out what to do about you, because you're our biggest problem!
That's why these conferences are like Seinfeld, they're about nothing. You assemble this fantastic group of really smart people, and you tell them they can't discuss. What a waste. Much better to put the minds to use. And all because a few lazy people don't want to be challenged. Tis a shame, because in all the years I've seen Bill Gates at conferences, I've never ever seen him shirk from a good discussion.
BTW, I'd like to see a session at one of these conferences about what we're going to do to get Dubya out of the White House. He's definitely interfering with a tech sector recovery now. Pass that idea on to Kim P. I'm sure she agrees. And say hi to John Doerr for me.

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