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Email workaround

In the last few days the situation with email has finally gotten completely intolerable. Before this it was just a total mess. Now it just doesn't work. So I've been forced to get creative. Here's my plan.

1. Immediately turn off my three existing mail addresses. The servers are instructed to bounce all emails to these addresses, they will not store emails. Stop checking these email addresses in my email client.

2. Come up with a new email address, chosen as you would choose a password, some completely random set of characters. Like this (but not this): gzq*c/

3. Give this address to no one but close friends, family, colleagues at work. Do not publish it anywhere. It's a bit of semi-private information. Configure my email program to check this address.

4. On my weblog, add an icon of a mail envelope in place of my email address. When the user clicks on this icon they get a form where they are asked for four bits of info, their name, an email address, a subject, and the body of a message. When the correspondent sends this message, no email is sent. It just is added to a queue in a Web app that I check whenever I want. If I reply, I can choose to inform the person of my email address, or not.

5. When the new email address is compromised, change it.

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