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In response to Terry Fisher's plan

Terry Fisher's proposal for peace between music fans and the music industry is a brilliant but unworkable idea because it is unfair. Here's why.

I have no plans to purchase anything from the RIAA companies. I don't use Kazaa or any of the file-sharing programs. However I do use PCs and MP3 players and so forth. I love what Chris Lydon is doing with the medium. I hope some great music comes out that follows that pattern. I don't want to flow any more money through the RIAA companies. I've already paid them thousands of dollars over the years, and I'm not happy with the way they treat me. They call me a pirate, well I think they're the pirates. I think they have to learn a little respect, and I see no sign that they have done so. Therefore, none of my money goes to them. But Fisher's proposal would have me give them money just because I use the Internet. The hell with that. I'll give my money to artists and companies who respect me before I give it to a bunch of fat lazy pirates in Hollywood.

I'm going to vote with my dollars. I don't think it's a good idea to subsidize an industry that's been so hurtful to the people who create for their medium and the people who use their product.

I have a better idea. Let's have a one percent tax on the Internet and give the money to Chris Lydon to create a National Public Radio that's really about the Public. And tell Eisner and the other fat smelly execs in Hollywood to take a hike. Monoculture is so 20th Century. Get off my bus, the Internet isn't going to be tethered to their ancient outdated business model. (BTW, I'm not serious about taxing the Internet and giving the money to Chris, but I'd much rather see that happen than see it go to the glue factories in Hollywood.)

BTW, I proposed something similar to Apple Computer in the early 90s with software, to help encourage more software to be developed for the platform. But that could have worked where this won't because Mac software was different from other kinds of software. There's no equivalent firewall in this space, at least not as far as I can see.

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