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Verizon Loses Suit Over Music Downloading

A federal judge rejected a constitutional challenge Thursday by Verizon Communications Inc., which is trying to avoid turning over the names of two of its Internet subscribers suspected of illegally offering free music for downloading.

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Meet the digital magpie

Okay I have another Moveable Type site to test against. This time it's Phil Ringnalda, also known as the digital magpie. Not sure what that means. I'll look it up later. Phil is famous for being one of two people who actually requested a feature for RSS 2.0.

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You want studly? You can't handle studly

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the sky is not cloudy all day. A link to a site that supports Trackback and doesn't mind being tested against.

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Hello Andrew!

Andrew Grumet who I wrote about yesterday has a site I can use to test my trackback implementation. Here's the link. I hope he doesn't mind. ;->

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Working on Trackback in Manila

With any luck, this will be the first Manila post that does an automatic trackback. I have the first version of the software installed on this server. I have enabled the feature in this site. In the first pass through there are no urls in this post, so there should be no discovery events and no pings. Back in a second with a report.

It worked. There's now a trackback table in the database table for this post. Excellent. Now I'm going to link to something that doesn't support trackback, that is it doesn't have the RDF snippet that tells you how to ping the CMS that manages the site we're pointing to. Here's the link.

Yes yes that worked too, and man was it fast. It added no perceivable overhead to the post. By the time my eye looked over at the message it had already read and scanned the source, and came up with no RDF element.

Now I'm going to link to a site that does support Trackback. It's my own Moveable Type weblog, and I've tested pinging it manually, and it worked. Now I'm going to try pinging it manually. Wish me luck.

Hala. It worked! Yes. I just announced it on Scripting News.

Next step is to try it on Jeremy Zawodny's weblog, where he generously set up a post for me to test against. Wish us luck. Ooops Jeremy's site seems to be down right now. I'm looking for other Trackback-capable servers to test against. Post a comment with a URL if you have one. Thanks.

Fixed a bug. The excerpt was actually the title. We're supposed to use the first sentence of the description. So when I ping from this post it should say "With any luck, this will be the first Manila post that does an automatic trackback." So I'm going to link to another post that supports Trackback and see what happens. Unfortunately most MT sites appear not to support the discovery feature. So maybe this is a waste of time. Oy. Excitement dissipates.

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