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I had an interesting lunch today with Jeremy Allaire. After a bit of chitchat the conversation swung around to the relationship we each had with Microsoft in the late 90s, and how we had been played off against each other by competing factions inside MS. He was promoting WDDX as the glue to connect Internet apps, and I was promoting SOAP (albeit a simpler form of SOAP than the one in use today). I remembered, anew, how much I respected him then, in the way you respect a worthy competitor. There was a moment when the pendulum had swung so far in favor of WDDX that my rabbi called me up to Redmond to tell me it looked like we had lost. Eventually SOAP did win, and Allaire and company got behind it, as I would have gotten behind WDDX had the MS chosen it. Anyway, true to form, this afternoon Jeremy had a brilliant idea. One so damned simple and so do-able, and closes a loop that's existed for years. I don't want to spoil the fun by leaking what it is, but when you hear it, you will slap your hand on your forehead, as I did, wondering why you didn't think of it. Stay tuned.

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My first Gem

Here's my first Gem for my weblog. Click here to listen to a great speech by Al Pacino.

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It's Thursday night again

And we're in Cambridge. (Not Baghdad.)

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This is simple, and it does what I want

simple news item template:

The CSS approach works terribly in MSIE 6, which is the browser that I use and millions of other people. I've switched the main Berkman weblog to use this template, which uses nothing more than basic HTML elements, nothing that could possibly be broken in any browser. It's time to punt on CSS in this context. We've wasted huge amounts of time. When it works, we can use it.

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