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Give me a city in Europe for late April

In late April I'm traveling to Amsterdam to meet with Adam and Andrew Grumet (who will be in Germany on MIT business) to talk about Big Media Objects and RSS, and to plan for some next steps in Andrew's work. That'll be roughly the 24th through 26th. I'd like to go to one other European city on this trip, and there are a lot of great choices of course.

Then I remembered how nice it was to have a local host when I went to Venezia in 2000. Paolo and his family (whose blog is two years old today by coincidence) treated me like a king. So I thought to myself, who can I go visit in Europe, where I could go sight-seeing, hiking, and also talk about blogging tools and stuff like that. Esp people in the Frontier community in Europe. I've been working on some special new stuff that I want to talk privately with people about.

If you develop in the UserLand environment, as I do, you'll be interested. Maybe we could have an informal meeting in some city in -- say -- Germany, or France, Italy, maybe Prague. I know I'm rambling but these are the ideas that are swirling in my head. Want to spend some time schmoozing with European developers and me in late April? That's the idea. Comment below to say what your ideas are. (Flames will be deleted, friendly posts only, thanks.)

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