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Launch an app from Radio with switches and a file

Andrew wants to launch an app with command-line params on Windows.

Basically he wants to shoot a command to the system and have it run it.

We couldn't find a verb that does it. Is there one?

launch.appWithDocument isn't good enough because it doesn't allow you to set switches through the command.

launch.anything just launches the app without any params.

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Dear Bay Area friends..

I am coming to visit you!
Arriving Sunday, March 14, leaving Wednesday March 17.
It's a short trip, obviously -- I'm coming to participate in the WIRED Rave Awards.
I'm nominated in the Software Designer category, for RSS.
I'm staying in Berkeley.
Maybe we should have a dinner like last time?
Much love,
PS: Murphy-willing Andrew Grumet will have something exciting to announce that connects RSS with another nominee, in the same category: BitTorrent. We're very excited about combining syndication with BMO's. It would be cool to make the announcement on the day of the award ceremony, March 15.
PPS: BMO stands for Big Media Object.

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