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What do users want from RSS?

On January 21, I'm doing a one-hour session to kick off RSS Winterfest.
It's a teleconference put on by Alex Williams (he's on the RSS-User list), and features many of the leading developers in the syndication world.
I thought we should try to put the focus on people who use the technology, to let them set the agenda for the developers. Ultimately it's going to work this way if it's going to be a market, and it looks like it's going that way, so why not start now?
So I started this mail list to gather users of RSS tools together to find out what you think.
Question: If you could put one thing on the agenda of the industry, what would it be? Please try to keep it to one or two sentences, and give it some thought before posting. Even better would be to post something on your weblog if you have one, or post it as a comment on this post on my test site.
What can technology do to help make getting the information you want easier, more efficient, more fun, more..?

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