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A new top-level domain for families?

An idea for a new Top Level Domain, that behaves a little differently, from a technical and economic standpoint, than the other TLDs.
1. It's called dot-person.
2. A person can register a last name, provided they are willing to provide domain name service for other people with the same last name. So you could register smith.person if you were willing to route for other Smiths. A web service is defined, using XML-RPC, SOAP or REST, that makes registration automatic. It's okay to charge a reasonable fee for registration.
3. Obviously there might be more than one Joe Smith, no problem, joe1.smith.person, joe2.smith.person, etc; first come first served.
4. What's stored at joe.smith.person is up to you. But a personal website is an obvious idea. Some kind of XML structure that tells you how to find other stuff about Joe Smith.
5. This could also be the backbone for an open and distributed identity system not owned by [fill in your favorite demonic BigCo].
What do you think?
PS: I know dot-name is coming online soon. That's an ordinary TLD as far as I know, nothing special about it relative to dotcom, dotorg, etc.

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