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Anthony Baker on the iPod/Windows XP

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When I got my 15GB iPod a year or so ago, I was also using Windows XP. Used MusicMatch at first for the iPod (which worked great) and then iTunes when the PC version came out. It worked perfectly -- no woes whatsoever. Am amazed at how seamless iTunes works overall. Watch out, you may end up downloading a ton of songs due to the ease.

Note: The only difficulty I've ever had with it has been when I moved from a PC to a Powerbook. That kind of sucked, as my iPod HD was wiped when the Mac upgraded the iPod OS from Windows to Mac. My mistake was using my iPod as the primary storage for all the tunes, not a PC hard drive. There really should be clearer, in-your-face information on the subject. Am sure the process is easy, it just wasn't apparent and I had difficulty as a result.

Otherwise, very very happy.



ps. You can still download MP3s from elsewhere, insofar as I've found. Importing them into the iPod is a snap (I do so with the Gilmor Gang, now that I'm listening to them following a post you had this week).

If you have iPod experiences you'd like to share, please comment below.

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Down to the metal XML-RPC app on Windows 2000

I want to write an XML-RPC app in C running on Windows 2000 and am looking for a contractor who can work with me on this. I have never done Windows programming, but I'm an accomplished C programmer. We'll need a very low-tech database, or a connection to something like MySQL. Has to be multi-threaded. Would prefer not to run behind another server. The goal is to get the maximum amount of work from one machine and be able to keep a little bit of information around about a lot of sites. If you're interested in working on this with me, send an email, with a pointer to your resume. It's probably about a month of work. Must be able to start soon. References very important.

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