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Holy guacamole

"AAnother test post, this one destined for a different location. Holy guacamole. It worked the first time!! Wow. You gotta love this. Now can I make it show up in the other location? Pause. Nope. Back in a minute or two. One more time. Arrrgh. I think I found the problem, really obscure. When editing text in a textarea I'm getting back a blank whose decimal value is 160 instead of 32. That's why when I stare at the code that does the string comparison to decide if it should be routed to the other location, it looks so right. Okay, now I'm going to add code that changes all 160s to 32s and see if it works. Yes, that did the trick. Maybe someone can explain why I'm getting 160s but right now I don't care, I want to catch my breath and get ready for 7PM. As I re-read this I think I've turned into Russell Beattie. The software is ready for the demo, I didn't write the backgrounder, but tune in to the webcast if you want to hear about it.

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